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About OnlyFun

Midway through another week in Recruitment, yawning another day away, we decided ‘this is actually a bit boring’ and it’s time to have some fun! 

Then, we had a brainwave, 48 hours later, OnlyFun was born. You may be thinking, 48 hours is not enough time to make such a switch? But it’s simple, life should be about fun, laughter, and enjoyment! We have spent many, many years assisting careers, now, it’s time to help people have more fun, reconnect and be more adventurous! Because after all, Adult’s can play too.

Our vision is to bring a wide variety of products to our customers via a more classy, mature marketplace. When researching other sites, we found ourselves thinking, this still seems a little… seedy! All the Hot Pink, Black and Red, you can’t scroll through this on a busy train!

So, how about a more professional approach, with classic, calming colours and let your imagination get you excited, not the 50 shades of colour palettes!

Why Choose Only Fun?

Flexible Finance with Interest Free Payments

Top Brands such as Lelo Satisfyer, Rocks off, NJoy & many more

Lower prices than the UK's leading retailers

Exclusive loyalty offers emailed direct

10% off your first order